My Couch to 5K – Week 1

Once upon a time I was, if I do say so myself, pretty fit. I used to run for fun, I walked everywhere and took our beloved Henry-dog on long hikes on the weekends. I had active jobs and I didn’t sit down very much. Most of my keeping fit wasn’t an intentional add-on to my life, it was just wrapped up in the things I did every day. Running was my only added extra, and I didn’t keep to any kind of rigid schedule with it, I just set off for a run whenever I felt like it.


So what happened? A few things. Here they are in brief….

Pregnancy 1. I stayed super active during this pregnancy thanks to my job and the dog, but the running stopped. After my eldest was born I got rid of my car so walked EVERYWHERE, and we lived up a massive hill, so to be honest I think my fitness didn’t suffer at this point.

Pregnancy 2. Still no car, still living up a hill but sadly we no longer had our beautiful doggy so the dog walks were no longer part of my life. However pushing a double pram and/or combining this with a sling still meant I was pretty fit.

Pregnancies 3 & 4. These only lasted until 9 and 10 weeks respectively. At this point we had moved to somewhere with a driveway and I was naturally using my car a bit more. The miscarriages meant I was uncomfortable using the sling so instead I would drive to places where my youngest could walk.

Pregnancy 5. I was super anxious during this pregnancy and its a case of the chicken or the egg here, but I became HUGE. I think partly because after the previous pregnancies I had never quite got back into shape, partly because of where we lived, partly because it was summer and HOT so we sat around more eating ice cream (seriously, there was a LOT of ice cream), and partly because sometimes it just happens that way. Whatever the reasons, I honestly struggled to get around during that last summer and while I tried to keep moving, it was hard. Really hard.

About one year after my youngest baby was born, I realised I couldn’t get out of an armchair. I know how RIDICULOUS that sounds, but honestly its true, and it took me a whole YEAR to notice. That’s what three kids does to you! A visit to the physio confirmed that my core stomach muscles were basically living a lie and weren’t even bothering to make an effort to do any muscle-type activities…after all the stretching and being sliced through they had had to contend with. they had literally switched off. Brilliant.

Fast forward several months, after some REALLY hard work by me to coax my core muscles out of retirement, I am here. Ready to get active and try to regain some very lost and some much needed fitness. I am under instruction to take it very slowly, and fairly gently, but I want to MOVE. I want to feel strong again. I want to feel energised again (I realise I have three small children and that no matter how fit I am this is a crazy dream but STILL). I want to try.

So today I start the Couch to 5K. I have the app. I have some new running clothes. I have dusted off my trainers. I have my husbands giant ugly sports watch. I am ready.

Here I go. Wish me luck.



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