Fitness ~ My couch to 5K update – Weeks 2 & 3

Soooooo, a couple of weeks ago I declared my intent to get back to (some sort of) fitness, as I embarked on the couch to 5K programme (read about it here). I was elated to complete the first run (walk…..with a bit of running) without too much fuss and I was keen to continue. I was going to SLAY the couch to 5K.

And then. And then, literally the day after that run, I got a cough. Which sounds like a SERIOUSLY lame excuse but as I have asthma, I always take a cough seriously and so I decided to out off the next run until it had settled. I have had enough chest infections (which make me a right-off for a good few weeks) to know not to mess around with anything lung-wise.  Sensible, I hear you say.

And then, I kid you not, literally as the cough settled down enough for me to consider getting back to it, along comes the worst snowstorm the country has seen in years. Which left me with little choice but to admit defeat for two weeks in a row. And while a few months ago I think I would have secretly enjoyed the excuse to put this off for a little while longer, right now I am itching to get back to it and put the husbands ugly giant sports watch to good use again.

So, right now all I can do is wait. And hope that this snow and ice beats a hasty retreat soon enough for me to get going again soon.



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  1. Laura: Adventures with J
    April 1, 2018 / 8:04 am

    Oh how frustrating!! I have asthma too and I always get a cough or cold just as I start exercising. It is so annoying! I hope you have been able to get back into it since the snow.

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