5 situations that are greatly improved with a flask

Its funny how things turn out isn’t it? I used to be THE most spontaneous person. I used to run around from work, to exercise, to eating out, to travel, to seeing friends at the drop of a hat, often with little or no notice. I would pick up food and drink on the way from wherever was convenient, and was a regular at cafes and restaurants both near and far.

But then, my delicious kiddies came along and suddenly life required a little more forward planning, and a little less of the café and restaurant habit. But still, I wanted to get out and about AND maintain my coffee/hot chocolate/tea habit. So what to do?

Enter: The Flask. WHAT a game changer.


If you had suggested to me ten years ago that I would be flying the flag for flasks I would have laughed and told you I would rather stick pins in my eyes than bother with such rubbish. And yet here I am, fully converted to the beautiful insulated vessel of joy. I have become a flask expert, a connoisseur, if you like. I am saving money. I am not dragging my three small people round tiny overcrowded cafes in search of a caffeine hit. I STILL GET MY HOT DRINKS WHEN THEY ARE HOT. Honestly, life is good.

In case you need any more convincing, here are five situations that have been vastly improved by the flask.

Any walk.

Whether its with family, friends, the dog, whatever. Take a little backpack, pop a flask full of your favourite beverage in it and I guarantee it will add a little something special. Get one with a buddy cup to share if you like!

The school run.

We now have to (mostly) do the school pick up and drop off in the car. By the time I’ve got all the kids in the car at home, got them out at school, walked down to school, walked back, got the two smallest back in the car, I am READY for a cuppa. (This is especially useful on a typically British rainy day.)

Trips to the beach.

I know, I know, trips to the beach should be full of ice cream, picnics and Pimms, but I promise there is hardly any beach situation that is not improved with the presence of the flask. Tea, coffee, herbal teas, hot chocolate, all brilliant. Please note, I am generally referring to good old British beaches here, anything that warrants air travel probably means you’ll want to leave that flask at home (don’t worry, you’ll soon be reunited).

Night feeds.

Also childrens illnesses. Basically, if there is any situation where you’re going to have to stay upstairs away from your kitchen while looking after somebody else, a drink from a flask will be like a lovely warm hug.

Car journeys.

I was going to put LONG car journeys but if I’m really honest, I’ve made a flask up to take on even the shortest of journeys. If you’re not driving, it means you can crack open the hot drinks without having to wait for a stop. If you’re driving it means you don’t have to remortgage the house for a takeaway coffee at a service station. Either way its a win.

To be honest, I reckon there aren’t many situations that can’t be improved with a flask. And do you know what? I know I’m not the only one. I know there are more of us out there. I see people in their cars, in the park, on the sidelines of the sports pitch. They know. I know. So give it a try, embrace the flask! You will NOT regret it.



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